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ByDaniel Siegesmund

Travel Information

Jena is situated in the centre of Germany and its infrastructure is very well connected in all points of the compass. Whether you are travelling by plane, train or car, there are many comfortable ways to travel short distances.


The major train connections with Deutsche Bahn to Jena are:

Berlin – Jena (change train in Leipzig; travel time appr. 3 hours)
Düsseldorf – Jena (change trains in Frankfurt and Erfurt or Weimar; travel time appr. 5 hours)
Frankfurt – Jena (change train in Erfurt or Weimar; travel time appr. 3 hours)
Leipzig – Jena (direct connection; duration appr. 1 hour)
Munich – Jena (change train in Erfurt; duration appr. 4 hours)
Hamburg – Jena (change train in Halle(Saale); duration appr. 4 hours)

For Timetable and Tickets please see:

You can purchase tickets on the train or at the train station on the day of your travel and do not necessarily make a reservation in advance.


The closest airport is in Leipzig-Halle (70 km away from Jena).
Bigger airports are located in Berlin and Frankfurt (300 km away from Jena).
Other major airports are Munich and Düsseldorf (400 kms away from Jena)


Jena can also be reached by long-distance busses from Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt and Hamburg.
For Timetable and Tickets please see:


Jena can be reached

  • from Berlin via the A9
  • from Frankfurt and Düsseldorf via the A4
  • from Munich and Nuremburg via the A9

In addition the federal highways B7 and B 88 go through Jena.

Public Transportation in Jena

Tickets can be purchased in every bus or tram.
Single tickler: 2,00 €
Single Tickets entitle you to travel with any number of changes towards your destination. They are valid for a maximum of one hour.

ByDaniel Siegesmund

Abstract Submission

Please submit your abstract electronically (Word file, 1 page)

Submission Deadline: April 12, 2019.

With the submission of an abstract for Molecular Plasmonics 2019, the first (presenting) author:

  • Accepts responsibility for the accuracy of the abstract and ascertains that all authors are aware of the content before submission
  • Accepts to be the contact person for all correspondence related to the abstract and to inform the co-authors about its status
  • Accepts to identify any financial interest in products or processes described in the abstract. This includes stock ownership, membership on any advisory boards, commercially sponsored research or any other substantial relationships.

Abstracts must be submitted and presented at the conference in English.

ByDaniel Siegesmund


We would like to thank you for your interest in attending Molecular Plamonics 2019 in Jena, Germany. Kindly fill in the registration form.

Your registration will not be completed until you have settled your participation fee. You can either choose to pay via invoice or by credit card. The invoice will be sent to your e-mail address. You will receive a confirmation e-mail once your registration was successful.

Payment instructions: Bank transfer in favour of IPHT, Sparkasse Jena, Bank Code 830 530 30, Account No. 698, Ref.:”MolPlasmon 2017” (International Bank Account No. DE 22 8305 3030 0000 0006 98 SWIFT-Code: HELA DE F1 JEN)
For other payment options – please contact us by e-mail


ByDaniel Siegesmund

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